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Step into reVisions Lifestyle Salon. Let's write your happily ever after.


The feeling that you have outgrown where you are can be a source of frustration and endless self-questioning and doubts. Your wheels are spinning but you are not moving, or at least you are not feeling progress. Your great friends and the networks you’ve created are comfortable but you have a nagging desire or wish for more. You want to stretch and expand your comfort zone, but how? How do you grow but keep the support you have, maintain those relationships and embrace the change you want?  Let’s face it. You are living the dream you dreamed 5 (or more) years ago. Let’s revise that dream for the person you are today.


What is “Happily Ever After” Exactly?


Happily, Ever After is a 6-week one-on-one coaching package designed to help you review how you are living, what joy you are seeking and experiencing, reconnect with your purpose so you revise the path to your dreams, and renew your commitment to your living fulfilled, in integrity and happily.


Because you are you and not my last client or my next, there are no set templates at reVisions, Do I? is individualized and specifically for you. It begins and ends with you being clear on who you are, what you want. reVisions is a lifestyle salon, that is, a spa for your relationships. I create a space for you to be who you are and to manifest that in relationships. And this a collaborative effort.


After an attitude assessment, life and values review, I work through my signature 3Rs system, and include pre-work, individually designed fun-work and one-on-one sessions, via live call or in-person, so you can be anywhere and work with me, anytime.


REVIEW: self-awareness and purpose definition: Who are you and how are you being you. (2 weeks)


REVISE: change mastery: reconnecting with your core values as you connect with the people in your life. Your new purposeful life. (2 weeks)


RENEW: action plans, sharing your wealth of purpose and joy. Craft strategies for realizing joy in your workplace and beyond.  (2 weeks)


As part of your team, I am there through text support during the program, and up to one month days after. You have continued email support during the program, and accountability, cheerleading, and confidence-boosting encouragement.


Stop living your last dream. CLICK here and let’s get started on your next one. 

You have to love yourself



Hitting Refresh on yesterday’s dream keeps you stuck


Like the proverbial dog who has caught the car, you’re like “now what?” You are where you wanted to be, but you have lost the zest and fire. You have the great "shiny thing" you were chasing, and it was good.  But the shine has dulled. The thrill seems gone. You feel maybe you have lost your groove. You may be doing what you should do, what you think has to be done. But, are you doing what you want? The way you want?  No?  Book a consult today.


Our relationships always happen in context. What are the customs, traditions, rules and expectations of your workplace? Be it corporate America, a start-up, or the academy, spoken and unspoken social rules are always at work. So, cultural acclimation is key to negotiating successful and productive relationships. As a singleton, these conventions and the beliefs the underwrite them, can become blocks.  But, like all good fairy godmothers, I’m here to help you transform this carriage turned pumpkin into a carriage once more.


The first step is evaluating where you are and how you got here. What path were you following and why? Are there more paving stone you can add to this path, or is this road a dead end? This level of clarity makes visioning and walking into the next steps possible.

Fairy Tales Forgot: Marriages need Singleness too.


Curiously, fairy tales all end with the marriage, the union, the commitment. The couple goes off to “happily ever after,’ The End, and we don’t get to see what that looks like or how they are together. Interesting (scratches chin). Could it be there is no happily ever after as perfect as the journey to it?  Or more likely, no one has a clue what comes next? Could it be that mystery builds anticipation, joy, and dare I say, distracts us from fear?  


Listen. The lack of the “after” is actually the BEST thing ever about fairy tales.



Why?  Because it allows you, at any stage in the after, to write your own happily ever story; tailor your commitment to your needs. I mean, to say the obvious, you are not a that type of character anyway. You change; you're dynamic; evolving; growing. Those fairy tale people haven't changed since you were 6, and you're how old now?  Talk about limited horizons. 

Freedom from fixed stories also means that you don't have to be your parents or grandparents, so your marriage doesn’t have to be like theirs or even rewrite.  Hell, it doesn't have to be a marriage at all.


Coupling is hard, and the stories we get always leave out that part. You’ve got the love, you have the commitment, and you have the desire to stay together, but there are the invisible blocks that sound like “I’ve changed but” or “why can’t s/he”. The detours don’t have to lead to “the end.” Being married or in a committed relationship does not eliminate the need for singleness.  


So, yea, happily, the best thing fairy tales ever gave us is the open-ended “after”.  Let’s Talk about Why?


Step into reVisions Lifestyle Salon


With my signature 3Rs approach, we focus on renewing the two who became one to reignite the passion and hope.  


REVIEW: How you got together, what made you commit, what values were driving you, your expectations and how, where, and when you got distracted, lost focus or shifted course.


REVISE What kind of a union do you want: we work to define your happy not in the abstract storybook way, but in the practical sense of how you want to live together, be together, and build together while meaning true to who you are as individuals


RENEW Creating and maintaining a reality that each of you can embrace, that reflects both of your values and intentions, gives each of you room to grow, but remains a purposeful intentionally intimate union.

Ultimately, you’ll move out of that old story that has reached a dead-end, and into a mini-series where you lead with your values and move forward happily together. In addition to one-on-one coaching separately and together, this package includes a values assessment, practical exercises, and homefun. Stop living someone else’s version of your union. Book a consult or begin your revision

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