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Do I?

Do I?

Single is not a Disease. Singleness is intentionally loving yourself


Living single or unmarried can be The Best. Freedom to  

pursue new opportunities and interests,

be spontaneous, whimsical, if that’s your flow.


But it can also be The Worst. Like

when after a stressful day at work, having a partner to talk through things would be nice

when annoying people always comment on your being single (“stop judging me!”)

worst of the worst. Struggle’s most real about having a family: Am I running out of time”?


What “DO I” do?  (glad you asked) 


Do I is a 9-week one-on-one coaching package that includes a life review, a values assessment and attitude assessment, one-on-one coaching sessions (via video, so you can be anywhere and work with me), and individually designed funwork.


Because you are you and not my last client or my next, there are no set templates at reVisions, Do I? is individualized and specifically for you. It begins and ends with you being clear on who you are, what you want, and how you want to show up in your life.  reVisions is a lifestyle salon, that is, a spa for your relationships. I create a space for you to be who you are and to manifest that in relationships.


 I work through my signature 3Rs system, and our time will unpack your thoughts, reveal hidden insights, embolden your self-confidence, and help you write your relationship story:


REVIEW: What are your beliefs on love and relationships? How do these beliefs lead you to act in your relationships? (3 weeks)


REVISE What’s your story? (4 weeks)


RENEW:  How do you manifest intentional interdependence? Visualize and begin stepping into this new story (2 weeks)


BONUS: You will leave the final session with a FAQ sheet that you can reference and revise as you grow and change.


Like a fairy Godmother or Glenda, the Good Witch, I got you with once a week email support, additional text support during the action weeks, and one month continued email support at the conclusion. I’ll hold you accountable and cheer you from the sidelines, and meet you at the finish.


What do you do? Book a consult no

Whose life do you want to live, your own or someone else’s?


You’ve probably heard it before, your life is like a story, a book with many chapters. Well, what we will do together is figure out what story you are currently living, what story you want to live, and then build the bridge between these. We will revise (see what I did there), your current story. The spinster and Old Maid are dead; the intentional Single landed her house right on them.


The first step in owning your own life is knowing what is in the baggage you’re carrying, and sorting out what’s yours and what you’ve picked up from people you’ve met along the way. That means, getting to know who you really are, as your own individual self. Not someone’s daughter, sister, or friend. But who you are to and for you. What do you want, what do you need in your relationships, and how can you get that? Simple answer, and not so simple, it starts with you being the love of your life, the person you’d date … live with forever (because you will) or even marry.


You can Live happily ever after Now. Single.


Or, you can keep waiting. Watching life pass you by, living for the approval of others, fearing judgement so much that you continue entering and exiting relationships that fail. Overwhelmed by dread you withdraw from friends who are happily in relationships or family who persist about why you are not. The intense isolation has one of two remedies. Either

  • get clear about what you want and how to get it (I’m here for this one) or

  • find yourself desperate and full of regret--maybe alone, or worse, maybe in a relationship that you settled for (this is just bad medicine).



Ask yourself, “Do I” dare not consult?

Ready to start revising your single mindset? Get specifics and book today. Let’s start writing your relationship story. 

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