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Singleness is for Everybody
Strengthen your first intimate relationship: the one with yourself

You've done all the things you should. Degree? Check. Job? Check.

YET something feels missing. You're single. You're in a relationship, wondering if it is the one. You want something more, something else.


Well, you are in the right place. And I've got a strategy for you: Embrace Singleness: kick the should out of the life you want.


reVisions is a salon, a space where you makeover your relationships, starting with the one you have with you. No more proving, pleasing and performing.  Instead, focus on the lifestyle you want: the what, how, and why of way you want to live. Deep dive into your values, your desires for partnering, or not. Strategize ways you can live boldly, nurture your joy, and be the love of your life. From that place of secure self-awareness and self-intimacy, you can clarify and establish boundaries and deepen your connections to and with others.


Singleness is for everyone.

Forget what you've been told. Singleness is only 5% related to your relationship status. Singleness is not a disease, for which marriage or coupling is the cure. No, Singleness is a mindset, a lifestyle defined through self-awareness, self-possession, awareness and living with intention, letting your values lead you into the life you want.  


Renew your Relationship with YOU


You have to get to know yourself, celebrate who you are, live your best life joyfully and honestly as the love of your life. From here, any relationship you enter will flourish. Say “yes” to you by holding up a mirror to your innermost desires, taking responsibility for your feelings, and committing to your own evolving happiness.  So, go ahead! Reimagine that most powerful of fairytale moments. Tell that Mirror, Mirror on the Wall it's my life, my call.


If you're ready to be the love of your life, manifest the joy you seek by living happily ever now, check out my services, hit me up, and let's salon. 


Salon: A room used for the reception of guests; a meeting or conversation space; an establishment in which the trade of a specialist is conducted


Single is not a Disease. Singleness is intentionally loving yourself


Living single or unmarried can be The Best. Freedom to  

pursue new opportunities and interests,

be spontaneous, whimsical, if that’s your flow.

Hitting Refresh on yesterday’s dream keeps you stuck


Like the proverbial dog who has caught the car, you’re like “now what?” You are where you wanted to be, but you have lost the zest and fire. You have the great "shiny thing" you were chasing, and it was good.  But the shine has dulled. 


Of course, you are a self-starter but just need to know exactly where the shift needs to happen. A 2-hour deep dive is just the thing to identify where you’re stuck and why. The ELI will point up your blocks and our strategy session will indicate ways to make quick energy shifts in one particular area of your life.

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